Text Data Collection for Advanced NLP Solutions Tailored to Your Requirments.

Acquiring data for AI poses challenges, especially considering the intricacies of deep learning, NLP, and machine learning. To embark on a comprehensive journey into dynamic supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning, organizations must rely on dependable text data collection services. LooPanda takes the lead in navigating the sea of unstructured text data, extracting valuable insights from diverse documents, such as medical reports, insurance claims, or financial records. To advance the capabilities of technology that mirrors human language, we immerse ourselves in the wealth of text data. At LooPanda, no detail is overlooked in our data collection efforts, ensuring every piece contributes to robust model training. We gather a variety of text data to construct high-quality NLP datasets..

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World-Class Expertise in Diverse Text Data Collection

Collecting Text Data Worldwide with Outstanding Expertise

We excel in gathering a wide range of datasets from around the world, customized for the progress of AI and ML. Our collection covers various data types, including receipts, tickets, EHR and physician dictation transcripts, documents, handwritten data transcriptions, OCR dataset training, and chatbot training data. Leveraging these diverse datasets empowers companies to enhance their AI projects, ensuring that the models they develop are more precise, attuned to global nuances, and quicker in their responses.

We gives organizations the key to unlock critical information found deep within unstructured text data

Services Offered

Expert data collection isn’t all hands on deck for comprehensive AI setups. At LooPanda, you can even consider the following services to make models way more widespread than usual

Audio Data Collection Services

We make it easier for you to feed the models with voice data to help them explore the perks of Natural Language Processing in a more balanced way.

Image Data Collection Services

Make sure that your computer vision model identifies every image  accurately, to seamlessly train next-gen AI models of the future.

Video Data Collection

Now focus on computer vision along with NLP for training, your models to identify objects, individuals, deterrents, and other visual elements to perfection

Industries We Serve



We curate and annotate datasets tailored for autonomous systems, ensuring precision, reliability, and optimal performance.


Trust us to provide high-quality data that fuels advancements in medical research, diagnostics, and innovations in patient care.



Our service provide accurate and comprehensive data that fuels innovation and insights in the retail landscape.”



Optimize financial operations with our Data Collection Service tailored for the financial sector.



Transform technology landscapes with our specialized Data Collection Service for the tech industry.



Empower government initiatives with our Data Collection Service tailored for the public sector.

Explore Case Studies

News Aggregation with Text Classification.

Summary: The ‘Text Classification for News Aggregation’ dataset is a valuable tool for news aggregators, content recommendation systems, and information retrieval applications.

Handwriting Analysis for Personality Assessment

In conclusion, the dataset titled “Handwriting Analysis for Personality Assessment” is a valuable tool for researchers and developers engaged in projects related to personality assessment and graphology.

Speech-to-Text Conversion for Podcast Transcripts

In summary, ‘Speech-to-Text Conversion for Podcast Transcripts’ is a valuable tool for podcasters, content creators, and transcription services looking for precise and effective solutions for transcribing podcasts.


We wear our values on our sleeve and weave them into our data solutions. Choosing LooPanda means you get the benefit of our high standards enriching your AI intiatives.


As veteran industry professionals, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. See for yourself in our free data samples.


Human-machine interaction AI is a big fled, but we do it all. We’re confident we can deliver on your specific need.

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Never worry about security or privacy- we’re one of the first GDPR-compilant AI companies with ISO-27001 certification.


Our philosophy is that if data is the lifeblood of AI, people are the lifeblood of data. We’re your ethical AI partner.

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