Quality Assurance & Testing

With team of experts dedicated to quality assurance and testing Loopanda can provide you an efficient solution.

We handle quality assurance at each stage of software lifecycle during the whole development process.

Software testing Loopanda handles

Assuring the solution ;

mobile apps
Web apps
Desktop applications
Enterprise software

Unleash 3X Tech Possibilities with LooPanda‘s Development Team

Agile Approach

Our experts implement tried-and-tested agile development processes tailored to the project’s requirements and aligned to the delivery expectations.

  • Tested Methodology

  • Agile Adaptability
  • Tailored Approaches
  • Efficient Workflows
  • Synchronized Delivery
  • Transparent Communication

Better Code Quality

With a team of certified architects, we comply with full CISQ code quality standards to deliver consistently high-quality code and make your development project successful.

  • Optimized Syntax

  • Robust Structure
  • Efficient Logic
  • Clean Architecture
  • Automated Testing
  • Code Reviews

Custom QA Framework

As a top-rated development company, we are pledged to deliver the best quality to our clients. The QA and testing team at LooPanda Solutions utilizes a fully customizable in-house Automation QA Framework.

  • Tailored Testing

  • Scalable Framework
  • Efficient Automation
  • Adaptive QAs
  • In-house Customization
  • Robust Validation

Our Quality Assurance services

  • Security Testing: We offer robust security testing to identify potential threats . Making your system free from vulnerabilities.

  • Test Automation: Our Service highlights proficiency in test automation to enhance efficiency, reduce extra time and money, ensure quicker releases.

  • Performance Testing: By testing solution on various Systems we ensure the responsiveness, stability and scalability.

  • User Experience Testing:  With our user experience testing we make sure that our solution enhance the overall user experience to ensure positive end user interaction

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