Data Collection & Annotation Services

Gathering or generating large amounts of data, especially on a significant scale, can pose a challenge in machine learning projects. We'd like to simplify this process for you.

Thanks to our expert in-house team of over 150 members and 50 + trusted partner vendors from all over the world, we find the right people to create your special AI training datasets. Here’s what we focus on:

Data types for all of your machine learning requirements

To create smart applications that understand, machine learning models must
process vast amounts of curated training data.


Our experts can gather image content tailored to your specific needs and situations. Elevate your autonomous vehicles, drones, and computer vision models by enhancing object detection, facial recognition, boundary recognition, movement prediction, and more with top-notch image data. 

We adopt a client-centric approach to offer AI training data services tailored to your specific standards for quality and execution in image data collection. Each computer vision project is distinct, and we’re here to assist. Our team can gather thousands of images from diverse countries worldwide. Enhance your machine learning abilities with computer vision. We gather extensive image datasets (such as medical images, documents, facial datasets, or custom datasets) for diverse applications like image classification, segmentation, facial recognition, and more.

Explore our Image Data Collection and Annotation Services:

Automotive Data Collection

Empower self-driving cars with our specialized training datasets. We provide essential roadside elements, angle-specific insights, objects, semantic data, and more to enhance the capabilities of automotive databases.

Healthcare Data Collection

LooPanda offers a range of medical images, including Dermatology datasets, CT scans, MRIs, ultrasounds, and X-rays, across diverse medical fields like Radiology, Oncology, and Pathology.

Document Dataset Collection

LooPanda provides high-quality image data related to ID Cards, Passport, Resume, Invoices, Receipts, Menus, Driving License, and more. This aids the system in proactive entity identification for optimal performance.

Facial Dataset Collection

At LooPanda, we go beyond providing extensive data, striving to eliminate AI bias by gathering insights from diverse i.e. ethnicities, age groups, monk skin tones, gender.


We assist you in capturing every object in a video frame by frame. We then label and make these moving objects recognizable to machines. Collecting high-quality video datasets for ML model training is usually a demanding and time-consuming task, with the added complexity of diversity and large quantities needed. 

At LooPanda, we provide the expertise, knowledge, resources, and scale required for video data collection services. Our videos are of the utmost quality, tailored to suit your specific use case. We offer video transcription services, converting spoken words in videos into written text for subtitles or captions. This improves searchability and accessibility, enhancing the user experience and boosting SEO for your online videos. Gather useful training video datasets, such as CCTV footage, traffic video, surveillance video, etc., to train machine learning models.

Each dataset is tailored to fit your specific needs. We provide services for collecting and annotating various types of data.

Drones & Aerial Video Dataset Collection

We offer video data with an aerial view using drones for different instances like traffic, stadium, crowd etc.

Human Posture Dataset Collection

We offer video dataset of various human postures like walking, sleeping, sitting, etc. under different lightning condition and different age groups.

CCTV/Surveillance Video Dataset Collection

We can collect surveillance video from security camera for law enforcement to train and identify a person having criminal background.

Traffic Video Dataset Collection

We can collect traffic data from multiple location under different lightning condition to train your ML models.


Text datasets play a crucial role in shaping unique machine learning models. By blending advanced technology with skilled contributors across major languages and regions, we meet the demands of intricate text data projects. LooPanda’s cognitive text data collection services unlock valuable insights buried in unstructured text data—be it physician notes, insurance claims, or banking records. 

Whether you require a text classification dataset or a thorough evaluation of machine translation, we guarantee top-notch quality and speed. Our team collaborates with you to craft a customized solution aligned with your project’s goals and timeline. Enhance natural language processing by gathering specialized, multilingual text data—datasets like business cards, documents, menus, receipts, tickets, and text messages. This enables unlocking crucial information buried in unstructured data, addressing a range of use cases. 

As a Text Data Collection Company, LooPanda provides diverse Data Collection and Annotation services, including:

Document Dataset Collection

LooPanda delivers variety of document datasets like- certificates, credits cards etc. to help you to ensure accuracy and efficiency in your document analysis.

EHR Data & Physician Dictation Transcripts

With vast connection of LooPanda in medical fields we can provide you accurate physician Dictation Transcripts from various medical specialists.

Handwritten Data Transcription

With our Handwritten Data Transcription we ensure that our dataset  help your model not only transcribes but comprehends the nuances of structure, layout, and text. 

Ticket Dataset Collection

Our Ticket dataset collection provide you with various types of tickets i.e. airline tickets, railway tickets, bus tickets, cruise tickets, etc. from random to tailored service across the globe.


From virtual assistants to in-car navigation systems, all voice-activated machine learning systems rely on diverse, high-quality audio data. The data collection process can be a common challenge when applying deep learning to speech and other audio recognition problems.

LooPanda provides comprehensive speech/audio data collection services in over 150+ languages and dialects, enabling voice-enabled technologies to serve diverse audiences globally. We handle projects of any size, from licensing existing audio datasets to managing custom data collection, transcription, and annotation. Whether you need professionally recorded speech data, a platform for audio file annotation, or a remote crowd for software testing, we’re your trusted audio data partner. We excel in gathering speech/audio data to train and enhance conversational AI and chatbots. Our expertise extends to collecting data from over 150 languages, dialects, accents, regions, and voice types.

We go a step further by transcribing (with utterances), timestamping, and categorizing the data. Explore our diverse Speech Data Collection and Annotation Services:

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

Enhance the precision of your automatic speech recognition (ASR) systems with our cutting-edge and diverse speech/audio datasets, covering a wide range of demographics.

Natural Language Utterance Collection

Teach intelligent business systems to recognize variations in customer expressions conveying similar meanings, enhancing the autonomy of artificial intelligence over time.

Dialogue Speech Collection

Establish smart Virtual Assistants, chatbots tailored for speedy responses, and Automatic Speech Recognition models with support for multiple languages using dual-channel files and transcribed resources.

Monologue Speech Collection

Address speech-related needs for individual speakers in your Text-to-Speech prototypes and transcription projects. Our service includes scripted prompt delivery through single-channel files, ensuring precise handling of your specific requirements.


Explore the impact of computer vision (CV) on various sectors, revolutionizing healthcare diagnostics, enhancing banking security, optimizing eCommerce with advanced visual search capabilities, and supporting agricultural practices for both farmers and policymakers.

At LooPanda, We understand how crucial precise data is for enhancing driver assistance technologies. Our ADAS data collection services stand out for their accuracy and variety, capturing the subtle details of driving, whether in bustling cityscapes or serene countryside roads. Our commitment to this transformative era involves providing top-notch 3D sensor fusion data labelling services with efficiency and scale. Backed by robust quality assurance measures, our automated sensor fusion platform, alongside our proficient AI Community, simplifies the visualization of data from diverse lidar and camera sensor configurations.

Each dataset is tailored to fit your specific needs. LooPanda offers comprehensive datasets worldwide, custom-tailored to meet the evolving requirements of the self-driving car industry.

ADAS Data Annotation

Using state-of-the-art tools designed for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), our annotations go beyond accuracy—they bring a transformative impact. Opt for LooPanda and enhance the safety features of your AI-driven automotive systems.

Bespoke AI Solutions to Solve Your Problem

Our team of experts gathers, curates and annotates data, no matter the scale. Thanks to our Pandas, we can work at any scale, any scenario. Whether it’s text to read, images to see, videos to watch, or custom data for your AI and Machine Learning models, we ensure they provide valuable insights and accurate predictions.

Your Trustworthy Training Data Partner

Diverse data at scale

Whether it’s monitoring human interactions, gathering facial images, or gauging human sentiments—our solution provides essential machine learning datasets for companies aiming to train their models on a large scale.

Custom Dataset

Crafting a personalized dataset can be complex and time-consuming, yet crucial for successful machine learning models. Our specialty lies in delivering fast, efficient custom data.

Secure & Confidential

Our platform prioritizes robust security and data privacy. We implement advanced quality system features, including built-in validation, spot-checking, and a seniority system for workers, ensuring top-notch data quality.

We consistently outperform, off-the-shelf data providers, crowdsourcing and micro-work solutions in terms of accuracy, cost-effectiveness, and time to a fully operational solution.



We wear our values on our sleeve and weave them into our data solutions. Choosing LooPanda means you get the benefit of our high standards enriching your AI intiatives.


As veteran industry professionals, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. See for yourself in our free data samples.


Human-machine interaction AI is a big fled, but we do it all. We’re confident we can deliver on your specific need.

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