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From virtual assistants to in-car navigation systems, all voice-activated machine learning systems rely on a foundation of diverse, high-quality audio data. Investing in audio data collection prepares your NLP system to serve a multilingual audience. Furthermore, expertly handled speech data collection for NLP encompasses in-field collection, semantic analysis, and audio transcription.

At LooPanda, we specialize in curating top-notch speech datasets tailored to the diverse needs of the AI and machine learning industry. Our extensive language coverage and varied recording environments ensure our datasets are comprehensive and adaptable.
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100+ countries

400+ projects

World-Class Expertise in Diverse Audio Data Collection

We globally collect audio classification datasets, for example, speech command datasets, and common voice datasets. Besides this, there is the North American voice dataset, African sound dataset, Asian audio dataset, and European voices dataset.

Technical Specifications





Speech Collection s1

Speech Collection

Speech Transcribe s2

Speech Transcribe/validate

Quality Assurance s3

Quality Assurance

Voice Dataset Annotaiton

Accuracy between 95%~98%

LooPanda Solutions applies its algorithm during speech annotation to ensure high efficiency and accuracy. We achieved above 95% accuracy rate after three rounds of quality inspection which makes the audio datasets more valuable for speech emotion recognition dataset, semantic understanding, and human-computer interaction

Speech Data Collection

In-studio, multi-speaker voicing on dedicated tracks

7+ years experience in managing multi-lingual translation and audio collection.

Mobile-based audio collection & script voicing

LooPanda’s mobile app makes the collection of audio content secure and effortless.

Our Services


Deliver translations optimised for AI, ensuring your content reaches a global audience with precision and nuanced understanding.

Webinar transcription

Transform online seminars into text format, improving the comprehension and search capabilities of AI-driven content.

Physician Video Transcription

Convert video content from physicians into written data to enhance medical AI research and analysis.

Phone Call Transcriptions

Transform call conversations into written data to enhance AI-driven customer relationship management.

Interview Transcription

Transform candidate responses into text to enhance analytics for AI-driven recruitment.

Conference / Meeting Transcription

Record and transcribe conference discussions to enable AI-driven trend analysis and knowledge extraction.

Insurance Transcription

Convert spoken or handwritten insurance documents into text for AI-driven risk assessment.

Image Transcription

Transform the visual and textual components within images into a machine-readable format to facilitate AI image analysis.

Video Captioning

Convert spoken words in videos into readable captions, improving the comprehension of AI-driven video content.


We wear our values on our sleeve and weave them into our data solutions. Choosing LooPanda means you get the benefit of our high standards enriching your AI intiatives.


As veteran industry professionals, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. See for yourself in our free data samples.


Human-machine interaction AI is a big fled, but we do it all. We’re confident we can deliver on your specific need.

Security & privacy

Never worry about security or privacy- we’re one of the first GDPR-compilant AI companies with ISO-27001 certification.


Our philosophy is that if data is the lifeblood of AI, people are the lifeblood of data. We’re your ethical AI partner.

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